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Xiao Yulong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman




     Shaanxi Foreign Economic & Trade Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called SFETIC, having advanced against difficulties by the insight of trends of all things), was then under the name of Huaqin International Economic and Technological Cooperation Co., Ltd. when built in October 1981. It, with the approval of National Import and Export Commission entrusted by the State Council, was a unit under the joint leadership of the enterprise and the Foreign Economic Office under Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government. With the approval of Ministry of Economic and Trade in April 1991, it was renamed Economic and Technological Cooperation Co., Ltd. In December 2002, it, with the approval of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, established SFETIC. The Group, with 35 years of development, has more than 40 sub-institutions and the established cooperation relationships with the governments and enterprises from more than 70 countries and regions worldwide such as the U.S., Japan, Cameroon, Tanzania, Singapore, the UAE, Pakistan, Thailand and Kirghizia.
     SFETIC boasts the operation certificate of foreign contracted project. Furthermore, it has Class A qualification for general contracting of housing construction, the titles of council member of the Chamber of Commerce of China Foreign Project Contract, and China-Japan Researcher Cooperation Institute and the only unit responsible for the Provincial-level dispatched labor in Shaanxi. It, for years in a row, has made the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Fair successes, and was entitled by Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government as the Advanced Unit of Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China, Advanced Unit of Foreign Economic and Technological Cooperation, Excellent Unit of National Project Construction, Excellent State-owned Enterprise of Reform and Development during 11th Five-Year Plan, and Contract-valuing and Credit Enterprise in Shaanxi Province.
     Principal business activities of SFETIC cover four sectors, namely domestic and foreign project contracting, domestic and foreign trade, human resource development at home and abroad and hotel property management. “Client oriented, specialized service” is the development idea that SFETIC has been pursuing. Over the past 30 years of effort and hard-work, SFETIC has been moving forward against difficulties and challenges. SFETIC established the first Sino-foreign joint venture, held the first International Economic and Technological Cooperation Fair, introduced the first project of large-scale technical equipment production line, contracted the first economic foreign-aid project, etc. All of these achievements shall be due to the wisdom and efforts of the generations of SFETIC staffers.
     Project contracting, as one of the principal business activities of SFETIC, covers various fields such as residence, hospital, office building, public facility, landscape renovation and hotel property management. Many projects contracted by SFETIC receive favorable comments within the industry, including Cultural Palace of Cameroon, Sino-Africa Broadcasting Station, office building of Chinese Embassy to Myanmar, etc. SFETIC has gained valuable construction experience by the completion and delivery of many an aid project. The projects like Sino-Africa Friendship Hospital and Sino-Africa Broadcasting Station have been one after another awarded “Knight’s Medal” and “Secondary Medal of Republic”. SFETIC is dedicated to spreading friendship through high-quality buildings, and sets up a times monument for the innumerable great achievements underpinned by the “going global” strategy with its responsibility and undertaking.
     (Insert information of major projects)
     Since its establishment, thanks for the trade advantage, SFETIC operates or serves as an agent for import and export businesses involving in massive varieties of machinery equipment, instrumetation, building materials, chemical products, and electronic products. In addition, it introduces the advanced technology and large-scale production lines related to the steel rolling, textile, pharmaceutical, color TV, refrigerator, automobile, zip-top cans for the enterprises in and out of the province. The total import/export volume reaches over USD 2 billion accumulatively.
     Based on the principle of “people-oriented, service first” and driven by the economic and technical cooperation, trade, and projects, SFETIC has dispatched more than 50,000 workers for labor service to the domestic and foreign regions, with the annual dispatching or operating income of more than RMB 1 billion Yuan. The dispatched personnel are mainly engaged in the fields of engineering management, electronic assembly, equipment manufacturing, machining, food processing, hospital nursing, teaching, sales of luxury goods, banking, hotels and airport services. Relying on good credit and service quality, the Group has formed the main channel for Shaanxi foreign labor service and domestic labor dispatching.
     SFETIC owns two four-star hotels for catering services. Chang’an Hotel (Shenzhen) is located at the intersection of Shennan Street and Wenjin Road in Shenzhen, which is only a few hundred meters away from the International Trade Commercial Center and East Gate Pedestrian Street, and south to Man Kam to Crossing. Therefore, it’s very convenient to travel or go on a business to Hong Kong. Shaanxi Zhiyuan Hotel, also known as Shaanxi People’s Government Hostel, is the only hotel with geothermal hot spring inside the Ming-dynasty City Wall. The hotel’s service teams strive to provide meticulous professional services for every guest with enthusiasm, which gradually develops as a leading hotel in the industry.
     The project of “Zhongshan International Hotel” with the investment of RMB 150 million Yuan, located in Bishkek -- the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, is one of a key overseas investment projects of the Group in 2016, and the completion of the project is bound to take a solid step in the international management of Hotel sector.
     This year is the beginning year of "13th Five-Year Plan", the year in which China strives to promote the construction of “One Belt and One Road”. With further implementation of opening to the outside world, SFETIC will continue to expand the investment, project contracting, import /export trade and economic and technological cooperation in these countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, gradually forming the management strategy pattern with the Central Asia and Africa as the main markets while the Middle East as secondary market”, so as to advertise our brand in foreign markets. .
     With joint efforts for more than 30 years, SFETIC always adheres to the business philosophy of honesty and win-win development, taking the "pragmatic innovation" as the weights of participating in market competition,and taking “don't forget the original mind”as the timely rainfall to water the hearts of the staff. The future is full of opportunities and challenges, and tomorrow will have a greater mission and responsibility. SFETIC will work with diligence and wisdom beyond national boundaries to create opportunities for the talents, build a good developmentplatform for enterprises, and achieve great wealth for the world fora promising future cooperatively with win-win result.



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